Pittsburgh is home to nationally recognized brands, global research efforts and some of the latest technological innovations. They all started with ideas big and small, from life-changing to world-changing. So in a city with so many exciting new projects and incredible thinkers…why don’t we celebrate our ideas more?

With TEDxGrandviewAve we want to showcase ideas that are evolving the community around us. We want to bring you the voices that have revolutionized neighborhoods, healthcare, education and technology – just to name a few. But most of all, we want to reshape the way you think about and view the Pittsburgh region.

Behind TEDxGrandviewAve is a team of seven young professionals working together with community feedback and support from local industry leaders. We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support we’ve received during the past few months of planning.

If you’ve tweeted us, you’ve helped. If you’ve submitted a nomination for speakers, you’ve provided us with new ideas. Even if you’ve simply nodded your head and smiled at a local event as we go on our TED-inspired rant, we greatly appreciate your attention. Each time a new email comes in from strangers thanking us for organizing this event, we become even more motivated to bring you this exciting event. Very soon we will announce the final program content, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, we’ve taken all the responses from our invitation question, “what do you hope to get out of this TEDx event?” and put them all into perspective. The largest words are the ones that are repeated most often.  We ask this question of everyone requesting an invite to TEDxGrandviewAve, and so many had great stories, hopes and ambitions for our community.

We hope their words will encourage you to join us at “The Edge of Innovation.”